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Article Page 048 - 4D56 Valve Clearance Adjustment

  • 4D56 Valve Clearance Adjustment
    What is the appropriate schedule for valve clearance adjustment for a 4D56? :)....
  • 4D56, what's your highest odometer reading? Without overhaul
    The Mitsubishi 4D56 diesel engine has been here for 2 decades now and some people speak about it's legendary toughness. I've previouly owned an L300 and an Adventure and reached almost 100k kms each and never had problems except for the black smoke on revving. I have a friend who has reached 240k on his L200 and another about the same on his adventure, without overhaul..How about you guys with 4D56 experience, what's your highest without the overhaul?....
  • 4D56: Indirect or Direct Injection?
    Would someone shed light on this? Otep, PK? :help:....
  • 4d56TDIC new turbo mod?
    This is in relation to the old thread on use of washers to boost our turbo. I found this at the other site. According to this, it is better to use a ball and spring boost controller. What do you think?.With no or low boost the wastegate is "closed" and all the exhaust from the exhaust manifold is sent to the turbo's turbine to spin it up. Under stock conditions, as the turbo produces boost pressure, it is transmitted to the wastegate via a small hose. When the pressure rises to a point which is set inherent to the manufacturing of the wastegate, the wategate "opens." This allows exhaust gases to bypass the turbo and keeps the turbo from spinning faster and creating more boost. Without a wastegate, the turbo would keep spinning faster and faster as the exhaust gases increase, until the turbo bearing gave out and the turbine self destructed--this would hopefully be before the pressure ruined your engine!! . .Install a ball and spring boost controller. It will only cost you 300 pesos by doing it yourself. This is the coolest way to control your boost and boost creep. The wastegate will not crack open until the ball pushes the spring at a certain pressure, giving you faster spool. Adding washers will only increase your boost but the response will still be laggy, bec. the wastegate will prematurely open and release pressure to early. You don't want to release pressure until the preset boost was met. .Washer Mod .
  • 4D68Tengine
    hello peeps! can someone give an idea about this engine plano ko ksi iinstall sa spacewagon ko mahal ksi gas ngayon eh. ano ba specs nito? performance? and other important details? thnx....
  • 4DR5 Engine Wear and Tear
    Hi, for all mechanic and experts...For 4DR5 engines, assuming with consistent oil change and tune-up. The unit/vehicle has runned 200+K mileage in 6 years.. company service kasi. What problems do we expect? Should we expect Piston replacement or overhaul? .Timing belt and other belts have been change. Evaporator have been changed na rin..200K+ mileage is way too high, di ba?.Any inputs...??....
  • 4G63 vs 6A12 Engines
    Mga tiskoteers, my friend has a Galant with a 4G63 enigne, I have a V6 6A12 Galant, he is inviting me to do a mile sprint to check out yung performance nung engine nya since kakabili nya lang, what can you say? In the long run, which is more powerful his engine or mind?....
  • 4HF1 vs. 4BE1
    gandang araw mga bossing. need some help on deciding which engine is better for hauling LPG cylinders. mga 3 to 4 tons ang total capacity :help: . 4HF1 ba o 4BE1? ito kasi ang sinabi ng ibang napagtanungan ko. I am not much of a technical guy pagdating dito so ask sana ko help from the group. TIA :nod:....
  • 4JA1 and 4JG2 valve clearances?
    Good day! Anyone knows the valve (or is it tappet) clearances of both 4JA1 & 4JG2 engines? Many thanks for the help.:happy:....
  • 4JB1T oil change question
    i'm up for 30k pms. .ive been using shell rimula x, pero gusto ko sa na subukan ng fully synthetic. pwede bang mag fully synthetic? im thinking of using mobil 1..comments and suggestions please..thanks.. :)....

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