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Urvan Estate vs. new Hiace

With the endless increase in gas prices, we're thinking of letting go of our Chevy Venture and get a bigger diesel 'refrigerator van'. We had an L300 before then a Pregio afterwards before we ended up with the Venture so we kinda miss the spaciousness of these boxy vans too. We're not considering the Starex Jumbo coz my dad got traumatized with our experience with the Pregio (poor quality) so he vowed never to get a Korean made vehicle again. We've narrowed down our choices to the new Toyota Hiace Commuter/GL Grandia and the Nissan Urvan Estate. Does anybody know the latest prices of these? We would also want to know the relative fuel consumption of each from owners out there. Please share your experiences. Thanks. :grin:

Check for the specs.
Personally, I prefer the new Hi Ace. Wala lang.
PS: Not all Korean cars are bad. ;) I'd take the Hyundai Coupe any day. :)

yun Hiace commuter na lang kunin nyo 1M yun bare. nagagandahan ako dun. lalo na yun dark colored ones.
regarding chevy venture, d naman sya ganun kalakasan sa gas. in fact mas matipid pa nga yan sa 1st gen CRV. and also baka na-used to dad mo sa soft and smooth ride ng venture, I suggest you test drive these diesel powered vans that you are planning to buy. kasi sayo na din nanggaling ayaw nya ng pregio/starex.
that's the price of gasoline-powered vans, the comfortable and stress free ride.

In the interior, IMO, the Urvan Estate has the better seating arrangement inside... naguguluhan ako sa seating arrangement ng new Hiace. The Hiace commuter is too bare for family/comfort uses. TO address this, some aftermarket interior shops like Seatmate offer captains chair packages for the Hiace (mga 70-80K ata yung full package).
On the engine, the Urvan has a bigger displacement so it may have the torque/powerband advantage. The Hiace shouldnt lag behind in speed though given the turbocharger which evens out the HP rating of both cars.
Sa ride, I have not ridden the Hiace so i cant comment. On the Urvan, my Lola-in-law complains about the bounciness (notably as she usually rides it with a light load) as she came from a coil-sprung Pregio before that.
Sa price, i think may edge yung Hiace (the commuter is much cheaper).
On safety, both have front crush zones AFAIK but the HIace Grandia has the edge with airbags and ABS..
Too bad your dad isnt considering the Starex anymore... it's ahead of the Kia Pregio in terms of quality.
My .02 :)

I'd take the Urvan Grand Estate over the Hi Ace commuter.
Though I'd replace the last row seats with ones that fold and tumble (available at the dealer).
The Hi Ace GL/Grandia will make me think a bit longer, though.

i say just spend a little more and get the hiace grandia

If I'm not mistaken, the HiAce is a completely new van along with the other IMVs like the Innova, while the Urvan seems like Nissan's usual old stock cars being sold here.

The Urvan Grand Estate is a pretty new design (it already uses a normally aspirated Patrol GU engine).
The Urvan Escapade is the older van (dating back to the 80's when it was initially sold here as the Urvan Limousine).

RHD Urvan:
Urvan CEO interior:

RHD interior:

The new Hiace:

Sorry sir vinj, I thought you actually own an Urvan Estate. I must have read your post too fast back then.
I've gone through the specs of both the Hiaces and the Urvan Estate. It seems the closest match to the Urvan Estate is the Hiace Commuter in terms of specs. The Urvan will lose out to the GL Grandia because it has ABS & airbags.
The Urvan with a 3.0 L engine has a few more hp (105@3800rpm) than the Hiace with a 2.5 L (102@3600rpm) but loses on the torque (Hiace=260 nM@2400 rpm, Urvan= 215 nM@2000 rpm).
The Hiace has no curb weight figures though by mere eyeballing, it seems the GL Grandia looks too massive such that it would have a poorer power to weight ratio and fuel efficiency than the Urvan.
We'd be glad if any of them can do 8-9 km/L. Most of my friends with Starexs complain of low fuel mileage. The Venture's fuel consumption may not be as bad as a Ford Expedition or an F-150 but it still is bad at 6 km/L.
I've browsed through the pictures of the Hiace and yes I agree, the seating configuration of the Hiace is a bit weird. However, my dad wouldn't want to put captain seats in a van. His reasoning is that a van is supposed to seat more people so they should have bench type seats to maximize the seating capacity.
Oops, bouncy ride on the Urvan? Can this be remedied by leaf spring reversal or change of shocks? I hope someone can share some info re the ride of the Hiace.
I don't know if the prices stated in are up to date but it says the Urvan is P1.14-P1.15 M while the Hiace Commuter is P1.068M and the GL Grandia is P1.29-P1.305M. I hope somepne can confirm these.
I guess it will all boil down to a testdrive and some actual fuel mileage figures for us to decide.
Thanks for your inputs folks. I greatly appreciate it. :grin:

di ba naka-coils na rin ang likod ng grandia??

The GL Grandia still uses leaf springs AFAIK. Sa price, the GL Grandia still has the edge... Urvan Estate price really went up (we got my lola's for around 1.1M two years ago). They have test drive units at Nissan, you just have to call the agent for an arrangement/schedule. :)
We have not tried doing any remedies to the suspension (all was kept stock) but the reverse spring thang should be possible.

HiAce GL Grandia for me. It's about P1.3M plus na as of the latest price increase.

hello! as for me wait for the super grandia... :bowako:

id go for the hi ace commuter or the grandia, gusto ko mga itsura nila

hello! as for me wait for the super grandia... :bowako: when is the super coming in?

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