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Police investigate missing bags of ammonium nitrate

From [url=!localnews!newsbycounty!forsyth&s=1037645509137]here[/url]:
Winston-Salem police are investigating the disappearance of 100 bags of ammonium nitrate from a local fertilizer plant. The chemical compound is commonly used as fertilizer but can also be used in explosives.
According to police, Royster-Clark, one of the nation's largest retailers of fertilizer products, filed a report of a break-in and larceny that occurred between July 1 and Tuesday at the company's plant at 3105 N. Glenn Ave. An inventory check revealed that 100 50-pound bags of the compound were missing, Lt. Brad Yandell said.
Police found 35 of the bags at three local addresses, including two vacant houses on Glenn Avenue and a home in the 1000 block of Betty Drive. Officials are still looking for the other 65 bags, Yandell said, and have no suspects in the larceny.
Police have notified the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and the FBI, about the investigation because of the potential for the compound to be used in explosives. The compound has occasionally been used for terrorist bombs, such as the 1995 bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.
That's tons of stuff.


Keep a real CLOSE watch on the diaper heads !! .



Amen, brother.


I doubt it was Muslims. There are far more white militia groups that like to boost that stuff, as well as Anthrax.


I guess they didn't have any connections to the 'homeland security' graft network.


Solar-powered security for explosives storage. Only in California. Gotta love it.


I've walked right up to that bunker and a couple of others, and never knew what the hell was in there until I read this article. I thought it was a municipal dept. building of some kind, water dept. stuff. I thought they just had the usual vandalism problem and thought that's why they put those fences around it, because it was out in the woods.


It probably got ripped off by some fly-by-night landscaper, who did'nt want to pay for the stuff. It's probably been spread on someone's lawn.
I haul from the fertilizer warehouses in Dubuque IA, and every time I go into one place, I have to show my D/L, or they won't let me load. Another place wants my D/L#, my SS#, and home address. On EVERY load. I was going in there twice a day, and they still wanted it. I just started reciting the numbers to her. Too damned hard getting that $hit in/out of the wallet. At our warehouse, we have to keep the doors locked and barred from the inside at unloading points. Insurance regs, I'm told.

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